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Price of dwelling has gone mad – Here is 10 tricks to save more cash in 2023 in Australia & in all places else for that matter. 10 Ideas To …



  1. I was told not to drink coffee or tea by urologist after I bought bulk tea. Now growing own herbal tea, drink water, put fruit in ice cubes, or eat a coffee bean if craving coffee. Found three edible weeds in the garden that other countries eat. Borrowing a car only when necessary to get to appointments. Made flat bread today.

  2. Penny pinchers should really consider buying an Aeropress. It's a super economical way to make coffee-nerd-approved filter-style coffee at home.
    – The thing itself runs you $45, and the paper filters are about 2 cents each which is pretty negligible compared to the ongoing cost of buying the coffee itself.
    – A typical Aeropress dose is around 12g, which is less than your typical 18g double shot in an espresso machine, so it's fairly economical on coffee.
    – It's an extremely simple machine which will practically never break down or need repairs.
    – It doesn't use electricity to pressurise water like an espresso machine does either, so there's probably some small cost saving there too.

    However, it can't do real espresso drinks – which means you can't make a proper capp, flat white, short black etc, which are some things Australians are accustomed to having. If that's a dealbreaker, then yeah I understand.

    James Hoffmann video on an example aeropress recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6VlT_jUVPc

  3. Are you going to manage your properties by yourself if you have $10m portfolios, 5% of rent is huge savings. Or Is it worth to set up small real estate company just for yourself property management? Thanks.


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