13 Problematic Movies That Would By no means Be Made At this time


Films are a wonderful medium for leisure, storytelling, and inventive expression. Whereas many sensible ones fulfill your coronary heart, some exist to do the alternative. Learn additional to find out about 13 motion pictures members of an internet group discover so problematic that they might be immediately banned if launched in in the present day’s world. 

1. Saturday Evening Fever: A Ethical Trainwreck

Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney,
Picture Credit score: Robert Stigwood Group.

Whereas the film immensely helped popularize the disco worldwide, customers say it incorporates an array of problematic issues. From two males getting into a mutual settlement to assault one another’s wives to disturbing gang violence, this film wouldn’t survive in the present day.

2. Blame It on Rio: Distasteful Romcom

Blame It on Rio, Michael Caine, Michelle Johnson, Joseph Bologna,
Picture Credit score: Sherwood Productions.

Many members point out the movie is borderline creepy. It portrays two males touring to Rio de Janeiro with their teenage daughters. With the journey’s development, they turn out to be romantically concerned with one another’s underaged daughters.

The overt sexualization of younger ladies and the sheer objectification of ladies put this film in dangerous style.

3. The Blue Lagoon: An Ocean of Controversy

The Blue Lagoon, Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins
Picture Credit score: Columbia Photos Company.

The sexual portrayal of kids left one consumer saying, ‘Am I going to jail for watching this?’. Not solely this, however many point out showcasing indigenous folks as unique and primitive reinforces colonialist attitudes. 

4. Revenge of Nerds: Creepy Mess

Revenge of the Nerds, David Moskowitz, Brian Tochi
Picture Credit score: Interscope Communications.

Normalizing establishing cameras in a sorority home? Disguising oneself to control and sleep with somebody? Regardless of their creepy habits, the film tries too exhausting to have the watchers root for the nerds. Fortunately, such comedy has no place in in the present day’s time.

5. Music of the South: Whitewashing Slavery

Song of the South, James Baskett
Picture Credit score: Walt Disney Productions.

It’s no shock {that a} movie by Disney is fairytale-like, however many people argue the issue with it’s not in what it depicts however as a substitute in what it chooses to not! By leaving out the numerous chunks of the continued slavery within the 1800s and making an attempt to current it in a utopian method leaves a foul style for the viewers.

6. Pink Flamingos: Problematic Cult

Pink Flamingos, David Lochary, Dreamland Productions
Picture Credit score: Dreamland Productions.

Animal cruelty, graphic sexual acts, violence — you title it! This film has nearly each disturbing and offensive content material in existence. At this time’s audiences wouldn’t settle for express depictions of animal cruelty on display.

7. Gone With the Wind: Rewiring Historical past

Gone With the Wind, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh
Picture Credit score: Selznick Worldwide Photos.

Many argue the film tries to unapologetically validate the brutal slavery that’s a part of America’s darkish historical past. The viewers of the Forties accepted it; nevertheless, it would not stand an opportunity in the present day.

8. Cannibal Holocaust: Violence and Gore

Cannibal Holocaust, Salvatore Basile, Robert Kerman
Picture Credit score: F.D. Cinematografica.

Customers consider this Nineteen Eighties Italian horror film exhibits the indigenous tribes being tortured, killed, and cannibalized. So as to add to this terror, varied actual animals are proven being brutally murdered. Much less horror, extra gory!

9. Delivery of a Nation: KKK Come Again

The Birth of a Nation, Lillian Gish, David W. Griffith Corp
Picture Credit score: David W. Griffith Corp.

Perpetuating dangerous stereotypes concerning the black group by displaying the ladies as sexually aggressive in the direction of white males and the black males as harmful and violent, many say this film is a extremely problematic depiction of African Individuals. Moreover, the legitimization of the Ku Klux Klan promotes white supremacy. 

10. Sixteen Candles: Bringing Objectification to Mild

Sixteen Candles,Molly Ringwald and John Hughes, Channel Productions
Picture Credit score: Channel Productions.

Unsurprisingly, these offensive movies’ recurrent targets are primarily ladies and folks of shade. This movie, too, showcases the objectification of its feminine roles and an outdated view of masculinity. Displaying Asian Individuals as caricatures might have been acceptable comedy earlier than, however not anymore.

11. Children (Being Harmed)

Michele Lockwood and Justin Pierce, Independent Pictures
Picture Credit score: Unbiased Photos.

From displaying non-consensual relations, together with minors on the display, to selling HIV AIDS as a punishment for promiscuous habits, many articulate that this film is dangerous and perpetuates damaging stereotypes.

12. Tropic Thunder: Insensitive Depictions

Tropic Thunder, Ben Stiller
Picture Credit score: DreamWorks Photos.

Concentrating on folks with disabilities only for comedic worth? No thanks! To not neglect Roberty Downey Jr.’s character, Kirk Lazarus, who undergoes a process to play a black character within the film. Completely unacceptable!

13. Blazing Saddles: The Director Mentioned He Could not Have Made It Then Both!

Blazing Saddles
Picture Credit score: Warner Bros.

The basic Mel Brooks movie is one among his funniest however is stuffed with fixed dialogue stuffed with insensitive and racist remarks. Brooks infamously remarked that you just could not make Blazing Saddles again then, by no means thoughts making it in the present day. 

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