30 Causes We Love Star Wars Rebels


As the primary TV collection below the Disney period, Star Wars Rebels had a lot driving on it. Typically in comparison with its predecessor, The Clone Wars, it needed to break new floor, and rebels succeeded in each means, laying the inspiration for collection and flicks to come back after it.

Listed here are 30 causes to like Star Wars Rebels.

1. Ezra Bridger

Star Wars: Rebels, A Fool's Hope
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Dubbed “the Blueberry” by the fandom, Ezra Bridger is each little bit of the teenage protagonist he ought to be. He’s impulsive, cussed, and flippant at occasions. However beneath the airs, Ezra is a younger man working by way of unimaginable traumas.

He discovers he’s Force0sensitive and turns into a padawan later than most to coach as a Jedi. His journey from selfishness to selflessness is highly effective as he rises to the decision to journey.

2. Kanan Jarrus

Star Wars: Rebels, Jedi Night
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Kanan is an unorthodox Jedi for an unorthodox time. Being a padawan when Order 66 occurred, he was by no means absolutely skilled to be a Jedi and instantly went into hiding from the Empire. Kanan needed to depend on the Pressure to information him and his coaching of Ezra.

He’s additionally not the largest stickler for Jedi guidelines, having a romance with Hera and attachments to his discovered household with the Ghost crew. Kanan is a brand new Jedi for a brand new period, and seeing how he differs from the Jedi earlier than him makes him shine within the collection.

3. Hera Syndulla

Star Wars: Rebels, Wings of the Master
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

A army basic. Probably the greatest pilots within the galaxy. The primary particular person to ever fly a B-Wing. These are only a few of the superlatives to explain Hera Syndulla. Hera is in control of the Ghost crew and bears the brunt of management properly. Raised by rebels, her idealism is an inspiration for these round her.

At her lowest moments, Hera picks herself again as much as combat one other day. Hera is a implausible character of power and perseverance, and it’s inspiring watching her rise by way of the ranks of the Revolt.

4. Sabine Wren

Blood Sisters, Star Wars Rebels
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The crew’s residential Mandalorian brings a novel story to the collection. Sabine has one of many extra difficult histories due to her time within the Imperial Academy and as a bounty hunter. The artist and explosive professional is a spunky younger girl, however that doesn’t imply she lacks depth.

Sabine carries her trauma near her coronary heart, which slowly emerges over the present, making her one of many extra fascinating characters to observe.

5. Garazeb ‘Zeb’ Orrelios

Droids in Distress Star War Rebels Zeb
Picture Credit score: Disney XD / Lucasfilm.

On the floor, Zeb may look like the muscle of the crew, however there’s a lot complexity to him. He’s a survivor of a genocide and a bitter rival to Agent Kallus for the primary half of the collection. Zeb is significant to the collection, exhibiting his coronary heart to somebody he hates, which permits Kallus to be redeemed.

By way of Zeb, Kallus is vital within the final half of the present. Zeb can also be variety, humorous, and the crew’s massive brother, searching for the crew.

6. Chopper

Star Wars: Rebels, Vision of Hope
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The crew’s homicide droid most likely has the very best physique depend among the many heroes, and that’s not a joke. There’s a comedic, bantering facet that followers love about Chopper, and his fights with different droids, Ezra, and Zeb, are a number of the funniest comedic beats of the collection.

The little droid has extra to him, although, as Chopper has his backstory, makes pals with AP-5, and is shut together with his proprietor, Hera.

7. Return of Clone Wars Characters

The Pirate Hondo Ohnaka, Star Wars Rebels
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Probably the greatest elements of Star Wars Rebels is the way it continues a number of the tales from The Clone Wars. A number of characters from the collection, comparable to Republic clones like Wolffe and Gregor, the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, Hera’s father Cham Syndulla, and extra, make cameos all through the present.

8. Captain Rex

Captain Rex, Star Wars: Rebels, The Lost Commanders
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

One vital character returns from The Clone Wars: fan favourite Captain Rex. Rex joins the crew, collaborating in a number of important missions. His expertise and army data are important, together with bringing a number of the present’s finest laughs.

9. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars: Rebels, A World Between Worlds
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

An early shock of the collection was the reveal that the mysterious Fulcrum chief of season one was Ahsoka Tano. The Clone Wars character performs a distinguished supporting function as a mentor for Ezra and Kanan, and he or she additionally faces her previous fallen grasp in a climactic duel with Darth Vader.

10. Legacy Characters

Star Wars: Rebels, A Princess on Lothal
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The Clone Wars isn’t the one Star Wars media that will get its time in Rebels. A number of legacy characters are within the present, like a teenage Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2, C-3PO, Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, and Wedge Antilles.

Rebels is a implausible bridge connecting the Prequel Trilogy and the Authentic Trilogy.

11. Rogue One and Andor Connections

Saw Gerrera, Star Wars: Rebels, Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 1
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

When Rebels was being created and aired, it was across the identical time Rogue One was filmed and launched. Due to this, the present has loads of tie-ins with the movie, with appearances from Noticed Gerrera and Mon Mothma, performed by Forest Whitaker and Genevieve O’Reilly.

In flip, Andor constructed on the story of Rebels, with many Easter eggs sliding in because the collection takes place in the identical 12 months within the timeline.

12. Formation of the Revolt

Star Wars Rebels Spark of Rebellion
Picture Credit score: Disney XD.

Rebels is concerning the formation of the Revolt, and the Ghost crew is only one cell engaged on their very own. However because the collection progresses, they meet different teams within the Revolt and even witness Mon Mothma’s name to collect as a unified entrance.

This collection is about how the Revolt got here collectively and set the priority and groundwork for different exhibits like Andor.

13. Kevin Kiner’s Rating

Star Wars Rebels Zero Hour
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

John Williams may be recognized for scoring the Star Wars movies, however Kevin Kiner is the composer of selection for Lucasfilm Animation. Teamed up together with his youngsters, Sean and Deana, Kiner has scored 4 animated collection, together with Rebels.

His music is a number of the finest within the franchise, with songs like Thrawn’s theme, “It is Over Now,” and “Into the Star Cluster.”

14. Lothal

Lothal, Star Wars: Rebels, The Siege of Lothal
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Many of the collection takes place in Ezra’s residence world of Lothal, as it’s the base of operations for the Ghost crew. The planet itself is an integral a part of the story, from the hidden Jedi Temple to its distinctive creatures solely discovered on this world. Each time the crew returns to Lothal, it looks like coming residence.

15. Loth-Cats

Loth-cats, Star Wars Rebels
Picture Credit score: www.starwars.com / Lucasfilm.

Loth-cats are a variant of the cute Tooka cats seen across the galaxy. The distinction between the 2 species is their names, as Loth-cats are solely discovered on Lothal. These cute critters will be simply as a lot of a pest to the Empire or be non secular guides for Ezra when he wants them.

16. Loth-Wolves

Ezra with the Loth-wolves, Star Wars: Rebels, DUME
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Just like the kitties of the planet, the Loth-wolves are creatures that inhabit Lothal. They’ve a robust connection to the Pressure and might mystically faucet into hyperspace to journey the world over.

Due to his means to hook up with animals, Ezra follows the Loth-wolves as guides to steer him to new revelations about his journey.

17. Mandalorians

Mandalore, Star Wars Rebels
Picture Credit score: www.starwars.com / Lucasfilm.

Star Wars Rebels expanded on a lot of the lore the present canon is aware of about Mandalorian tradition. The historical past of the Darksaber’s creation by its maker Tarre Vizsla all got here from this collection. It constructed upon the inspiration that The Clone Wars began and laid its groundwork for later exhibits like The Mandalorian.

18. Bo-Katan Kryze

Bo-Katan Kryze, Star Wars: Rebels, Heroes of Mandalore: Part 2
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

One determine who has develop into a spotlight of dwell actions collection is Bo-Katan Kryze, and Star Wars Rebels is a important piece of her narrative. Whereas she’s solely in a single episode, the story particulars how she bought the Darksaber to combat for Mandalore, establishing how she misplaced it to Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian.

19. Agent Kallus

Agent Kallus, Star Wars: Rebels, Spark of Rebellion
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Agent Alexsandr Kallus’ journey of atonement and redemption is without doubt one of the better of the collection. His bitter rivalry with Zeb firstly of the collection poses Kallus as a merciless antagonist to the heroes. Because of Zeb’s affect, Kallus realizes the errors of the Empire and turns into a spy earlier than defecting totally.

The ‘enemies to pals’ storyline is without doubt one of the finest narratives of the present. Kallus’ defection was additionally a viral social media second, resulting in the #HotKallus second that ran rampant on Twitter for a number of days. Sizzling Kallus Day remains to be celebrated by followers years later.

20. The Inquisitors

The Inquisitors, Star Wars: Rebels
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The Jedi hunters of Star Wars Rebels are a number of the lethal early threats of the collection. The present offers the viewers 4 very totally different Inquisitors beginning with the Grand Inquisitor, a loyal servant to Darth Vader. The Inquisitors add a brand new form of danger to the present.

21. Darth Vader

Darth Vader, Star Wars: Rebels, Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 2
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The large dangerous Sith Lord comes into the fray in season two in a number of the scariest Darth Vader scenes earlier than Rogue One’s launch. Kanan and Ezra don’t stand an opportunity in opposition to him and might solely flee for his or her lives. Vader is a beast to be reckoned with, upping the stakes for the present.

22. Twilight of the Apprentice

Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader, Star Wars: Rebels, Twilight of the Apprentice: Part 2
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The Season 2 finale is a spotlight of your complete collection. It brings in Darth Maul, Kanan is injured in a life-altering means, and Ezra begins to flirt with the Darkish Facet.

The spectacle of “Twilight of the Apprentice” is the showdown between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader because the ex-padawan faces off in opposition to her previous grasp. It’s probably the greatest lightsaber fights of the franchise, crammed with emotional resonance 10 years within the making.

23. Darth Maul

Darth Maul, Star Wars: Rebels, The Holocrons of Fate, Sam Witwer
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Darth Maul’s arrival offers an attention-grabbing antagonist for the present. He instantly targets Ezra as his new apprentice, utilizing the boys as a method to his finish. Maul needs to search out Obi-Wan Kenobi to finish his revenge, and he’ll buddy up with and manipulate Ezra if vital.

24. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars: Rebels, Twin Suns
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The episode “Twin Suns” reunites Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul one remaining time. Their Akira Kurosawa-inspired battle is brief however highly effective. Stephen Stanton completely channels Alec Guinness, bringing the traditional character to life.

It’s a stupendous finish to Maul’s story as Obi-Wan comforts him in his remaining moments.

25. Grand Admiral Thrawn

Zero Hour Part 1, Star Wars Rebels
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

If there’s one character from the Legends tales that ought to strike worry into individuals, it’s Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Introduced again into the canon from the pages of his novel Inheritor to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, Thrawn will not be somebody to be trifled with, as he’s crafty, harmful, and an imposing menace to the Ghost crew.

26. Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Rebels, Family Reunion - and Farewell, Ian McDiarmid
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

Ian McDiarmid returns as Emperor Palpatine, bringing all of the delightfully evil gravitas to his iconic function. Palpatine is the ultimate villain of the collection that Ezra faces off in opposition to on two separate events. To outlive, the younger Jedi have to be as artful because the Darkish Lord of the Sith.

27. The Lothal Temple

The Lothal Temple, Star Wars: Rebels, Shroud of Darkness
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The Jedi temple on Lothal is by far probably the most distinguished location within the collection. It’s a spot that the collection continues to come back again to as it’s a main piece of Ezra’s journey.

From getting his kyber crystal to make his lightsaber to discovering the World Between Worlds inside, Ezra’s hyperlink to this temple on a mystical degree drives a lot of the collection’ narrative.

28. The World Between Worlds

Star Wars: Rebels, A World Between Worlds
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The World Between Worlds opened up a variety of story prospects upon its reveal. This nexus level within the Pressure, the place all time and house converges, is a robust location to disclose within the remaining season. Its thriller remains to be being unraveled.

29. Rebels Recon

Rebels Recon, Pablo Hidalgo, Andi Gutierrez
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

A singular a part of Star Wars Rebels was its behind-the-scene collection Rebels Recon. Hosted by Andi Gutierrez with Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo making appearances, the present broke down every Rebels episode.

It was a enjoyable perception into the collection that was simply as beloved by followers. There’s nothing like Rebels Recon at Lucasfilm, and the online collection is sorely missed.

30. The Epilogue

Star Wars: Rebels, Family Reunion - and Farewell
Picture Credit score: Lucasfilm.

The epilogue of Star Wars Rebels is a satisfying conclusion to the journey of the Ghost crew. It completed this chapter of their story whereas establishing many prospects of the place the characters may go as soon as the ultimate credit roll.

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