In right this moment’s newbie’s information to Crusader Kings 3, we check out generate profits. We deal with fast and soiled tips, but additionally …



  1. Idk what happened but I went on a single pilgrimage and all of a sudden every like three months or so I can ask for 300ish gold from the pope and he likes me so much for some reason he always says yes, I’ve got a crap ton of gold rn and I literally did nothing.

  2. Golden Obligations Correction: ps5 version allows hooks to be used as long as the target is not in debt. However, the hook may not net you the full amount the hook is worth.

  3. PSA: The 'Extort Subjects' decision is not pursuing, it's a trap. This is the one you get from the stewardship skill tree. It's going to select one of your direct vassals at random to extort, feudal or republican. Even if you have a large empire/kingdom, it's always going to be a direct vassal, so if you're an empire, assuming you have at least a few, if not many, it's going to be targeting kings who are very powerful vassals and people that are going to be very annoying when they are mad at you. Otherwise, they're going to be people directly under your domain like your republican vassals, or maybe a duke/duchess. If you have a fairly decent size domain 10+, there's pretty much a 50/50 shot that the target will be one of your republican vassals. If you choose to extort them, you will get a massive penalty/de-buff to that county with taxes/levy/control/development. If you choose not to go through with it, it still sets off the cooldown. This action usually nets you around 300 gold, and you still take a massive relationship hit, possible tyranny, possible rivalry, and if a republican vassal–a county penalty, and you'll usually end up seeing a faction form as a result. The 500 gold one comes with tyranny and even more massive de-buffs, high chance of a rivalry, and will almost certainly create a faction. 300-500 gold is simply not worth it. If you're realm is smaller and/or you're under a liege, then these negative affects are going to be very harmful to you and cause way more stress than its worth. If you're a large empire, then the amount of gold you gain is trivial and not worth the potential hit to your county which may end up losing you more gold than you earn in the end and not worth the drama it creates with that vassal.

  4. Ps5 player here. Quick question what if your in Sub Saharan Africa as a tribal but no one around you has money I'm playing as Kong and everyone around me is dirt poor

  5. Thanks so much! It's really complicated, which drew me to the game, but most of these details simply don't come up in the tutorial so I couldn't figure out how to make money and have been perpetually broke.

  6. My strat involves asking the pope for money by having high piety(ie its very powerful to have high piety as you get a ton of church levies and taxes while the pope will pay for your building projects and you can spend that time having sex for more babies(i e i use fecund because of the insane 50 percent fertility bonus btw i prefer female rulers because males seem to have higher stewardship for some reason)of course the main problem is the second generation which will have to be made less focused on the pope

  7. I have so much to learn. My dynasty conquered all of ireland and created the kingdom and yet, i make like 4 gold, – 0.2 prestige and like 1.7 faith……WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? flips table

  8. These are some amazing tips! My side hustle has been offer up for the last two years and I flip 90% of my items locally. I still make four figures a month by going to yard sales around me and selling things without even shipping. I really like your side hustle knowledge and think it would be great to hop on a podcast that I’ve been working on. Direct Message me on IG @flipmandan

  9. Most informative video I've watched about this. Glad your not like most youtubers that just jump on the view count band wagon and create a "tips" video without hardly any knowledge in the game. well done….you have a like and subscribe from me!

  10. how about a vid about managing your vassals, whether you should bother to fix border gore within your realm or if you should place your own family everywhere etc etc


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