40 Excessive Cash Saving Tricks to Save the MOST Cash


These 40 Excessive Cash Saving Suggestions permit us to avoid wasting 60% of our revenue annually. I promise you should you observe these you might be …



  1. Instead of paying off my mortgage only to have all the money taken from a nursing home if I need it I am choosing to invest my money in a long-term health insurance that has a home health writer because many times is a long-term Health provider will say that I can be taken care of it home and then nothing gets covered

  2. I became vegetarian in 1966, I've been vegan for the last 25 years. I've always batch cooked, portioned and frozen my meals because there was no other plant based options in the 60's, 70's or 80's. Luckily I love my own cooking.

  3. I left the USA at 79 in 2021 for Queretaro, for a safer and less expensive country.

    You do an excellent job on your videos. Thank you.

    This is for the people who try to stop decent people for telling the truth.

    Taking our comments down will not stop the TRUTH, for we keep written, audio and video journals.

    We know the GREED and DISHONESTY and we have offered solutions.

    for everything. Evil demons do not want to be stopped from their stealing and being traitors for cash.

    God is in charge, and evil will never win.

    Karma never loses an address, and YOU are going to hell in gasoline drawers.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.


  4. What a wise mother she is, loved this utube. I would also suggest that people assess the cost of solar power in their area, and work it out according to the number of years it will last for aswell.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the imperfect perfection (12:50). I think its a really important point to be grateful for what you already have instead of focusing on what you dont have. I practice this and its does put things into perspective and helps with the saving mindset.

  6. Okay so my new save money obsession is flaxseed gel. I use it in my hair when it is still wet as a gel it can be used in recipes instead of eggs and if you freeze it a little it can also be whipped up with sugar to make a merengue. It is awesome. I have also seen people who use it as a face mask. They put it on about an hour before they take a shower. So yeah, it is super simple to make, boil flaxseed in a pot for 10 min and then sift away the flaxseeds threw a metal strainer. I keep the jell in a jar in my fridge. Try it, this is my favorite thing at the moment.

  7. On the other side of the coin is that if everyone lived like this there would be a monumental economic collapse. All this extra junk that we use keeps everyone employed. Poor countries are poor because nobody is spending money. If nobody has money there are no businesses's, so there are no jobs, so there is no money to be frugal with. You would however be foolish not to have a budget, its strange how it all works.

  8. Nice video! You don't need a bread machine. You can make your own starter and avoid buying yeast. All you need is a big bowl and 2 loaf pans, flour, oil, salt, sugar, water. The bread machine is totally unnecessary. Another great way to save money!

  9. I would say you have this frugal thing down to a science. Many of those you mention I have instinctively done for years yet several others I have been too lazy to practice. Typically I go for the biggest bang for the effort more or less. That limits my savings I know and your video has me re-thinking my efforts and lazy streak ! I'm impressed with the way you have made it such a routine in your lives. My view has been enhanced and a lot more $ can be saved than what I realized. The so called "tradeoff" or extra time spent can pay off substantially more. Many will benefit from your shared information. Good stuff !

  10. We definitely think alike. Although it’s taken some time to get to the joy of saving. I too challenge my self to use less. Example: by using rags to clean everything I only use one roll of paper towels per year. Rags get washed & reused.
    Latest challenge was to make my own skincare products from basic pantry items. My skin has received so many compliments. YouTube is a wonderful resource.
    Saving has become a new passion –
    Thank you for the inspiration- Ingrid, Washington USA

  11. I have a bread machine and often made six loaves of bread by hand when I had kids at home. I love my bread machine. I make a loaf a day in it. It is perfect for just me and my husband. I do not throw bread away because it molds and its easy. I make all kinds of things in it. I make one and a half pound loaves. Fits in a large zip lock. Makes great sandwiches.

  12. 5-7 years before retirement, my in laws knew what they wanted and where they wanted to be. Within 2 months they sold their nice city house, bought their retirement home and arranged to rent a very small studio apartment. They spent weekends and holidays at the lake house and weekdays at their jobs. On the exact day they planned, they retired and moved to the lake house. Mortgage free and very skilled, at age 55, they moved to the next stage of their plan. Both were in excellent health and very excited.


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