8 Cash Ideas To Turn out to be A Millionaire In Your 20s


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  1. The person That gives tips must be a billionaire himself. If you were Millionaire you would have been here making clickbait video. Same on you. just ask you inner soul who are you and what are you claiming to

  2. Hello….seen a lot of videos on making money, most bad some pretty good, yours great, concise straight to point, great easy to follow info, relatable, some humor, good examples. Love your series young man, definitely following.

  3. The current system is completely unsustainable. The only reason it continues 'as if' is lending and debt. Lending for healthcare, for homes, for education, and plain old credit cards. trouble is, when the bottom falls out, the lenders get bailed out and consolidated, and everyone else loses their shirt.

  4. Yes stocks are pretty unstable at the moment, but if you do the right math, you should be just fine. Bloomberg and other finance media have been recording cases of folks gaining over 250k just in a matter of weeks/couple months, so I think there are alot of wealth transfers in this downtime if you know where to look.

  5. To my understanding this just proves how much we need an edged as an investors because playing the market like everyone else just isn’t good enough. I’ve been quite ensured about investing in this current market and at the same time I feel it’s the best time to get started on the market,what are your thoughts?!

  6. I was literally thinking as soon as I even saw your thumbnail was you probabely made all your wealth off investments based off your YouTube ad revenue. Let's face it youtube pays the best if you have something to offer. That's the best side/full time hustle. Most people watching this can't make that kind of money even if they are very good at saving and investing. 9-5 is sadly what most people do living paycheck to paycheck so investing is very hard in today's economy because our financial system squeezes the average joe to the point where he is basically in debt. We're basically in a recession so investing isn't gonna make you money for probabely a few years at this point. That's doesn't mean you shouldn't dollar cost average in to like voo index fund for example if you can. But that's just it, if you can. I live in MA and around here rent alone destroys people financially. I still rent myself because I was never able to save enough to buy a home. All my friends are the same way. I'm 40 it's sad honestly, but I keep trying to get ahead. I'm not bad with money at all I just don't make enough.

  7. where do u find contract to build internet websites ? cuz i'm in studies to build this, i'm in a little company where i'm making the website developpement so i got decent knowledge on this and i wanted to start doing it but not just as a 9-5 job (not even really a 9-5 cuz i'm still in studies) to build websites on my free time or pay some of my school mates to do it for me

  8. I really wanted to do it but like for real Ig there are people like me from countries that still doesn’t use bank accounts, paypal, credit cards etc … so basically even though your videos completely helpful and impressive but it cannot help people like me who can not use paypal or have bank accounts

  9. As a father, we. Can see potential. In. Our kids. From your teacher's perspective., the fact that he held you after class. Man to man, he probably knew you had the potential. Sometimes for me to get my son to do something, I have to tell him he's not capable of doing it. Then he immediately sets out to prove me wrong. It's called tough love. I don't know if that was what he was trying to do. Just playing Devil's Advocate.

    You should go back there and respectfully tell him and thank him for motivating you to pursue your dreams. let him know that you achieved them respectfully.

  10. 2% cash back will not make you rich. The only reason to get a card is to start building a credit score. Every study shows that you WILL spend more money if you have a credit card.

  11. The introduction of digital trading is incredible, I've neglected this for so long until this recent times butDeconomy reverse which took all out unaware then I stumbled upon faith discovering this with King.arobertson

  12. my parents won’t let me get a credit card because they listen to dave ramsey i have a lot of my money in mutual funds and the rest of it in a bank that gives 4%. should i move all my money to dividends if so what ones

  13. One of the best investments I have seen so far is that of crypto. Crypto trading is a guaranteed investment with huge returns. My trader is the most reliable in recent time. You just have to trust him with your investment, how about that ?

  14. That last one is the realest 💩 ever , family / friends will tell you something won’t work just because it didn’t work for them and their goals are low so forget what they say and go for it 💪🏾

  15. Your channel is by far one of the best channels on YouTube imo . You are definitely helping to change our future and I share your content with plenty of kids I know. Keep up the amazing work bro you’re a blessing 🙌🏾 side note ironically my little brothers last name is Mayo as well 😅 y’all might be related

  16. Hi Joshua! Love your channel. I'm from the Philippines. I'm hoping that you make a video about your side hustles and investment that can be accessed in our country as well. 😎


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