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  1. 16:10 regarding meat, whole pork butt at sam's club is $1.58/lb by the case. We use this for bbq pulled pork butt, stews, ground pork for italian sausage, chorizo, etc.. Also whole boneless pork loin is only $1.94/lb at Sams . We slice thinly as well as in chops; the slices are great for stir fry, pho, jerky, etc..

  2. 2:10 Rotating Monthly Streaming Services. This is what I do and it is such a great suggestion. One month it might be netflix — binge watching all the shows that month. Next month it could be HBO Max. Following month could be Apple TV. Then Disney and so forth.. Maybe after 6 months I'll come back to Netflix to watch all the new content which has accumulated. I also wait for shows like House of the Dragon, Ted Lasso, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to finish out the season before subscribing for one month to the service to binge watch the entire season. I immediately cancel subscription after I pay for 1 month every time, so it doesn't ever have a chance to renew. If they have a special where they are giving it to me for free and not allowing me to cancel soon, I will use calendar app on smart phone to alert me to cancel the subscription just a couple days before the deadline.

  3. yes on maxing out employee benefits!! πŸ‘ gonna turn into a bulk buy gal for stuff I genuinely use. got free coffee for my sister just using my Dunkin app. I don't order in advance. But I've gotten free food from that and my 711 app so far. You can go to a science/history museum for a kids birthday or a movie theater, w a movie and the party room. Alot cheaper than a theme party.

  4. Can you make a YouTube on all your tips and tricks for credit card hacks for traveling?? Please!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ’žor if you have a video with your credit card hacking can you let me know. These are great tips thanks

  5. ever since they were small I've always made my kids their favorite meal, we watched their favorite movie and I made them a new sweater in colors and styles they picked our

  6. I work in insurance and I'm not certain how it is in the US, but where I work in Canada, if someone comes to me saying they found a cheaper rate and I've requoted their stuff with all our markets, we are not able to price match. I'm a broker and the company sets the rates. Just wanted to let you know because people call all the time thinking we can price match.


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