ACCOUNTANT EXPLAINS: Cash Habits Retaining You Poor


Keep up a correspondence: Instagram: @nischa.talks Most of what we do with our cash on a regular basis is unconscious. On this video I share the …



  1. Two great resources to start getting out of debt are "Financial peace university " and "Compass ministry". Both help with not just the ideas but a support group to keep on track. Just like AA, people to encourage you when you are succeeding or falling behind.

  2. Great advice, but nothing helps your finances more than making more money, increasing your income, increasing your cash flow, etc. I don't care what type of financial strategy you have, if your expenses consistently exceed your income, you'll always be broke. Solutions? Other than making more money as previously mentioned, file bankruptcy and start over. It doesn't hurt your credit score nearly as much as most folks think.

  3. Great advice. 'Rich' is relative. So, you have to find your 'rich'.

    I teach public school. Buddy of mine is a banker. I asked him for financial advice and he hit me with the truth.
    "You don't make enough money to be wealthy. Simple hard fact. You can be wealthy for a teacher but not wealthy compared to others with higher paying occupations"
    It was sound advice. Now, I don't feel like I'm doing something wrong because I'm not as wealthy as some folks I know.

    Being healthy financially is awesome for any tax bracket. But the cold hard truth is the best way to get rich is to make more money.

  4. Something I do when I want something is writing down on a list. Iโ€™ll review the list at the start of the next month and chances are that I donโ€™t actually need half of it.
    Iโ€™ll leave it on the list if I donโ€™t need it but simply want it and will review again in a month and so on.
    If I do end up need something or think okay now I really will enjoy this item, then Iโ€™ll get it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi. 1st time watching you. Great timing, thanks to God. I needed to hear this. I always paid myself last or not at all. Trying to change my ways for the better. Needing to save money for 1 of my son's who has a learning disorder. Thanks for you tips. I enjoy them. New Subscriber!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I'm just getting started in finance, and I immediately realized that I do a few things mentioned here and it makes sense why I really should not. Thank you for putting this kind of content out there, it helps everyday people like me to stop wasting our money until we can

  7. I'm just going to comment on here, before even watching this video: The NUMBER 1 habit we HAVE to break… Stop subscribing to stuff that has a recurring cost to it, such as monthly payments!!! These subscriptions are deadly… If you can't afford the outright (once-off) purchase, you can't afford it – FULL STOP!!! The ONLY thing you may pay for monthly is the place you live and the rates and taxes that go with it; and maybe a small car! NOTHING ELSE, NOTHING MORE!!!

  8. If I put 10% of my meager pension in an account I would wind up under the bridge. I've always worked, but the older I've got, the smaller my salary became. Had with 40 years to leave my country as I became too old for an office job. Learned the language, got a call centre job which I hated and became after 2 years a bcivil servant. 20 happy years later I became ill, long term sick leave, no pay after a while and could luckily retire from my jobs in my home country. Due to ill health and no salary I've retired myself early with a second, miniscule pension. As that country and esp mousing hot horribly expensive I had again to move. Now I live in a cheaper south European country, but font speak the language and my elderly brain is now quite slow. I live ver isolated country side. Though my employment in the last 20 years and small salary which got cut due to political mismanagement. I couldn't and still can't afford holidays, a car, wear only 2nd hand clothes, can only afford cheap cosmetics, live in a cold small rented room in a shared house with a noisy family, can't afford hobbies etc. So, all you wise financial advisors, how can I save money, invest in shares etc? Oh, and I see everyday ads for funeral insurances. Quite frankly my dear I give a yarn as I don't care what happens when I meet my maker.


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