Do not Waste Your Cash – Q&A #6 With Sandeep Maheshwari


“Do not simply spend cash; make the most effective use of it.” Sandeep Maheshwari is a reputation amongst hundreds of thousands who struggled, failed and …



  1. Bhai i know people who put money 5 rs in daan peti and pray for 5 crore
    this is the level they fall to
    selfish reasons
    theres no other wealth than your own health
    keep yourself and your mind healthy
    thats the true wealth

  2. A very deep thought 99.99% content creators just want attention,sponsorships,viewership,audience numbers,likes,engagement every bit of time they can use to hook people and i have seen them it's just acting going on to gather viewership to increase fanbase.

    They don't really care how that content helps you grow in life

  3. I find even if the education is given free on social platforms but for proving your attainments in educational background you need to show degrees which are not free… Ultimately you are bound to buy them. 😢

  4. Haramzada kutta apna apna dekha naa raha Apne Jaise log ka samajhta hai karke Paisa ke liye gir jaega pagal Kajal Mal apna man baap Ko dekhna aur uska baccha per ungali mat uthana ko Apne jaisa samjha Karo Paisa chalta


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