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Monetary Strikes Each Lady Ought to Know. Listed below are just a few tricks to shield your cash and get to the place you wish to be …



  1. I wasnt financial free until my 40’s and I’m still in my 40’s, bought my second house already, earn on a monthly through passive income and got 4 out of 5 goals, just hope it encourages someone that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any of them right now, you can start TODAY regardless your age INVEST and change your future! Investing is a grand choice I made. Great video! Thanks for sharing!
    Very inspiring! I love this

  2. Let’s be real. These hoes ain’t loyal. Sure you live there for “free” but whose funding your retirement? Whose building your credit and social security? Naw fam. Always have your own. I will never never never live in anyone else’s house again. I’m on those papers or NO!!!

  3. Term life is the best insurance! We must have wills! A friend of mine had to do a secession with his son because his wife died without a will! He owed his son his late wife's share of his house! If we marry someone who has children before we marry them half of everything we allow that person to put their name on their children are entitle to! We must be careful with our money & our hearts!!!

  4. Don't be dependant on a man! I still have to remind my mother that she can make decisions on her own and doesn't need my dad to help her out with it. Women are so fuckn powerful and all you need is to use your wisdom and be confident in your own power. It is so important especially for us to know how the money works.

  5. Will not listen here they don't have that shrewd money sense only good thing about being single you can work a shitload of money and still not have to answer one positive of being single you can create your own goals

  6. I used to do home care hospice in NY… Met an elderly couple that lived in a big beautiful home. Husband diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and expected to live for a month, and currently needed total care. The wife was so distraught, said she has been a stay at home mom all her life, she cooked, took care of their kids and kept house. She said she had no idea how to pay bills, pump gas, or earn a living. He took care of her her whole life🥺. I took away a lesson from that

  7. Any time a partner keeps you out of the loop, is vague or secretive, it is called financial abuse. It is a red flag.
    If you buy a property, be aware and know the rules for buying in a community property state. Protect yourself if you are not wanting the other person on the deed.
    Lock your credit down.. If you dont need a credit check, lock it down. Contact the credit bureaus and tell them to lock it down. It will freeze your credit until you unfreeze it. After my mom passed, we locked it permanently with a death certificate. Any activity they know it is fraud.

  8. I love this. I want to buy a home but have so many fears. But I've faced life this long, right? I care for my child on my own. And im dating a guy who I feel is just holding me back. Buying a home, which isn't just a want for me but a need has become a curse word. Prayers for my fam, I hope I figure this out.


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