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GTA On-line Dr Dre Contract SOLO Information – Full Walkthrough + Cash Suggestions + How you can Begin!


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  1. The golf course and the fib setup mission is done only in the first time but after completing the vip contract the first time you only need to do 3 leaks, studio time and don't mess with dre. This is the way I make millions each time I need millions!!!不不不 After rockstar buffed cayo perico heist, this is my default way of making millions!!!不不不

  2. I can successfully complete this heist and all set ups solo in about one hour its really easy if youve played it alot , i can run thru the set ups in like 30-40 mins the last 2 missions usually take about 15-20 mins

  3. Bro I failed the stun gun mission 4 times in a row thinking the atomiser was the stun gun and being confused af when the guy absolutely flew away and died I was like what am I doing wrong tho this is so stupid. OHHHHH my bad g

  4. In the setup where you need to blow up the helicopter I had 5 minutes left and thought that I would never be able to reach my agency, so as I was about to kill myself to restart by drowning somehow a sea sparrow had spawned In next to the beach, I managed to get it to my agency on time, the point is I want to know if anyone else has experienced this

  5. This heist doesnt seem to work on xbox one, for some reason, as soon as I leave the casino to try to chase the guy who has one of the copies it just stays stuck in a loading screen, its a serious bug and I cant play the heist itself now

  6. The nightclub mission can be done easily by posing as a janitor and just walking through then quickly killing the two guys in the room with the objective with a silenced weapon (recommend the auto shotgun).

  7. i finally finished this mission just now, its so crazy seeing my character that i based the looks off of another celebrity stand next to dr dre of all people.

  8. I wonder if someone can help. I want to do this dlc but I dont see the point of it costs 2.1 mil to buy an agency. But as far as Im concerned you only make back 1 million plus. So really you only barely get your money back? I dont see the profitability or the point? Hope someone can advise. Cheers

  9. Awe man I'm only a year late wish I saw this last year I would have gotten me a heist hoodie ! Man that looks sweet wish I made it .. thanks for all the vids man you have been a huge help with saving time and making money and all sorrrs of tips and awesome vids you are by far the best out here doin these GTA vids man . I've been a die hard fan since way back GTA on gameboy ! When this game came out I played a bit but spent a lot of years in between doing BS getting myself in trouble and not able to play , so I started really getting into online a month or 2 ago and your vids have helped a lot man thanks so much I hope I can see you in a lobby one day that would be sick


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