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At this time Josh and Annie share some recommendations on how to economize and construct resiliency throughout this time of extreme inflation. Cooking …



  1. My gram saved bread bags, rubber bands, and butter wrappers. She didn't have a lid for a jar, the butter paper and a rubber band always kept things safe in the fridge. And back in the day, the butter wrappers were foiled, not paper like now. She had all sorts of tricks and tips. Paper was cut into note sizes, envelopes were saved for seeds and she cut them to be able to reclose them so the seeds didn't fall out. Milk jugs were cut and used as belt loop buckets for harvesting, sometimes we'd have four jugs around our waists just to make things easy. I learned so much from her and my grandpa.

  2. My daughter just moved into a home with an apple tree. She was watering it, I and my husband pruned it and I asked if I could pick some apples. She said yes, they were just falling to the ground. I came in with a big bag of the apples and her boyfriend asked the had come from my daughter’s tree? Then maybe he should get in on the action. I’m going to make cinnamon apple jelly, one of my favorites.

  3. Canned food has doubled and tripled at my local grocery stores so I have started canning up my own food for the fraction of the price. Ex: a can of black bean at sav a lot I think 3 yes ago was 39cents..then just at the beginning of this year was around 62 cents and now is 1.09! When I buy bulk beans and can them I factor in the lids and time, it cost about 42cents a jar.

  4. I called my security company and asked for a reduction. They gave it. Shock! Wasn't a bunch, but everything counts. We switched cell service, saved there. Insurance, saved there.

  5. Proverbs says a wise man sees danger and prepares for it, but the foolish walk by. We are to be self sufficient according to St. Paul😉 so right on! No fear just wisdom

  6. Fortunately, I've pretty much been doing all of the things you've mentioned over different lean times in our marriage (almost 40 years!), but due to certain factors, we've started implementing them even more, including me gardening and preserving more grown food, along with helping one of our daughter's families butcher and process a variety of meats and processing apple and pear ciders, making maple syrup (for those of you that don't know, many other trees will produce sap for syrup if you don't have maple nearby), and harvesting honey from bees. But I have a few other helpful ideas I/we implement: the public library for borrowing books and movies for entertainment and learning, planning routes for driving to be the most efficient with your time and fuel, learn to sew and/or knit and crochet. I've been a sewist for 46+ years and I can't tell you how much it comes in handy! From making clothes to home decor, to knowing how to alter and mend what you have. I'm currently teaching some of our many grandkids how to sew. It's difficult to find people with this skill today. One other thing: have and know how to use tools. You can do many repairs and make something last longer. If you can bike or walk or carpool, do it as often as possible.

  7. Checkout our Snap Fresh Farm basement hydroponics system on YouTube. It’s a great way to have greens in the winter and all year long. Blessings, Lynn

  8. Do you think you could make a cookbook of easy, made from scratch recipes using Whole Foods and/or pantry items? I think people who are starting out(like me) would appreciate that.

  9. I like that philosophy for kids and eating- way to not be pushovers like a lot of parents are these days- it’s just not healthy to let kids eat what they want… I mean wouldn’t we all choose candy and crap almost all the time as an unknowing kid?

  10. Our county has a master gardener program which sales plants every spring and fall. Our Ag lady has early spring seed swap. Save seeds swap with others. I got Yokohama squash seed, I thought it was a bush. No vines took over garden, grew up fences and cattle panels…115 winter squash weighing 3 to 6 lbs each. This year Tennessee sweet potato squash. I shred free cardboard boxes o my office quality shredder which can shred 12 sheets paper at a time. I prefer brown, black or green colors and tear to feed shredder. Recycling and builds up soil over time. My worms are fat and happier. Free mulch.

  11. For our family it’s cheaper for me to buy from a bakery or speciality store than cook it from scratch myself because literally every member of our family has a food allergy or needs a special diet for an illness (& no one overlaps. I can’t cook one meal that can safely feed everyone. It’s 4 separate meals 3x a day forever and ever). For example a safe loaf of bread from the bakery is $3-4. But a 1 lb bag of safe flour is $14 & a 500ml bottle of safe cooking oil is $25 🤯 Pantry staples are insanely priced if you don’t have a standard American diet

  12. I do a pre shop day so I don't waste my time. I also know where the best prices are. This time I have noticed yes lots have doubled but our local stores have lowered prices and have kept the down. They more than compete with the box stores. I'm so proud of them.


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