How To Save $10K FAST (Cash Saving Ideas)


This saved me $10000 in a single 12 months! Saving $10000 can appear daunting however these are some steps to economize quick. Take a look at …



  1. I've never made more than $12k except for 2020 when I made 17k. Now my income has been less than $1k/yr for 2 years. None of this would work for me because I don't make enough income to save anything. I can't even afford to eat every day.

  2. Protecting your capital is much more important than making money. Basically because if you lose your capital, making money is much harder. ''Missing the train'' vs. ''losing your money''. There are a lot of trains, but if your money is gone, it's over.

  3. He made it easy for me👆👆 with the help he gives to me thru few methods that’s payin…I know some people who will not lack and they are those who give just like RICCHDAWG you make the list of the generous one’s ♨️♨️

  4. I am a swiss and currently do a 100% university degree…
    I don't have 800.- a month for most months, I might be able to get a job for the comming semesters which is more regular and would bring in about 1000.- to 2000.-
    Minimal living costs here are arround 1800.- (My dad helps me out with enough to cover my running costs in the months where I can't work and/or my savings get smaller again)
    833.- is a whole lot of monney and simply brewing your own coffe or cooking at home might not be the problem for most people.
    I had not bought clothes for the last 8 years, when I had a job last year (I paused due to the Virus) buying clothes was necessary due to the old ones falling appart.
    I earned enough during those 12 months to finance 10 months without much income, but now I am at almost 0 again. Doing 120% with Uni and work beside it is my personal limit, I simply can't physically take more.
    What I try to keep up is 25.- savings per month no matter what, but that will get you nowhere …
    Yes, I am sure I have some parts where I can improve the ammount I spend, but still, 800.- / month is rather a lot.


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