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  1. Sounds like John is a simp. Or he needs to work harder. That being said, please help me I make over 50 grand a year and if financial stability were measured in cranial hair follicles I would be as bald as John is.

  2. Daniel, can you do a video highlighting the pros and cons of having a retirement portfolio mixed with both traditional and roth assets as they effect taxes. I hear its good to have some of both but i can't get past the whole paying taxes on a large sum of money later instead of small increments now. Is it really worth it?

  3. Hi Daniel. I am an avid consumer of your contents. Thank you for all the good info! I haven't yet come across the topic of how you actually withdraw your money once you are IF/retired. What strategies we can employ to ensure our money never runs out? I don't mean the 4/3/2% rule (the info of which is in abundance on the net) but the actual mechanics- how you safely release your yearly income from your investments and still enjoy the rest of your money to mature in the investments?

  4. I got a video idea. A video that gives advice to us young adults on how to start off fresh financially, such as a recent high school graduate. I can see this video idea helping those to prevent making bad decisions. Thank you.

  5. Ewww renting. Single, female, renters are the most valuable and poorest and a pay check away from homelessness in my country. Rent is very high. And we have no savings because of years out of work with child care

  6. Doing the math at 25% taxes on his income, he only brings home about $27,000. there is no way he has a monthly expenses of $2,500. That's $30,000 a year. He is already broke.


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