Little-Identified Cash Saving Suggestions for Vegas (that nobody talks about) – Save Cash in Las Vegas


The simplest methods to economize in Las Vegas that nobody talks about! Sensible ideas that can prevent tons of in your subsequent …



  1. Request a smoking room facing the strip. You have a better chance of the strip view being available and you can smoke a joint and stare at the strip at 2am

  2. Super cheap liquor store right behind Flamingo. 2 min walk from the strip. Next to a place called stage door. Its cheaper than CVS and they have MINI LIQUOR BOTTLES for $1-1.50. Easy to carry 5 or 6 of those bad boys around

  3. i go to vegas all the time, but i just blow my money willy nilly without thinking about shit. i need someone like you to just follow me around all the time and slap me when i'm getting frivolous

  4. vegas blows. you'll need these tips to get another drink! ha. my wife is a retired director of casino cage. and opened the mirage! what ever. this place is wacked! go to hawaii !

  5. Thank you! These tips are almost as awesome as you are. It'll be my first return to Las Vegas after 35 years and my wife's first trip to America. I now live in North Viet Nam and Las Vegas is an entirely different world. I'm really excieted for my wife's first visit to America.

  6. Hi Aly
    I enjoy your videos and lots of info and very useful.
    I have the viator app. What is your advice about buying excursions. Is it better to buy if from UK England or wait until we are in Las Vegas to book them? We will be there from 7/5/23 for five nights. Many thanks

  7. Wow! I currently have a reservation to visit in April and checked the current price for my stay. I saw that it was cheaper and called the hotel and got the price adjusted. A little over $100 dlls saved in 5 minutes! Thank you!!!

  8. Thanks for the Canadian tip !!!! I was going crazy trying to price it out between a Air Canada package as opposed to doing a direct booking with the hotel in the end did a package …it was bit less ..I had to go on the exact dates.

  9. Maybe this is a silly question-what if you slip the Hotel Desk $50 to see if there is an upgrade, and there isn't…..not to be cheap but did you just give someone your $50 for a smile?

  10. Ally,

    Hereโ€™s a general tip for Living Social and Groupon. I usually try and call before I go or speak to person there. Tell them you could buy one but prefer to give them the whole price if they match the price. They always say โ€œYesโ€ because it saves them a lot of money.

    After the deal gives you 25-60% off, they then have to pay Living Social and Groupon a very hefty fee. These deals are often a loss leader and if you donโ€™t come back, they lost money. This way, the still love you and know that you are helping them too.

  11. How to save ๐Ÿ’ฐ in Vegas? Don't go. It's a tourist trap. You want to spend cash on shitty overpriced everything? Swim in cesspool water and hang out at the homeless camp that is the strip?

  12. Thanks for sharing. Just wondering about phone. Did you use roaming service from your phone provider or you buy a new SIM card there? I am also from Canada and planning to travel end of November ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. I wanted to mention the Four Queens Birthday offer, for a buy one Get one free entree at Magnolia Cafe downtown. Also the Casino Royale is a good place to play. Earn points & use them at Outback Steak House upstairs. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ป


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