Mega Cash Ideas with Dr. Lynn Richardson


The nation has lottofever! Saturday’s Powerball is over 430 million {dollars}, and Friday’s mega thousands and thousands is already over 900 million …



  1. People don't understand, the lottery is NOT you winning it's YOU depositing money to a pot until it gets to said money winnings then either somebody wins or they don't then where do the money goes??????

  2. Well said. I tried to explain this to my girlfriend, who buys lotto tickets every week, to live off the interest (she's a single Mum with a 19 year old autistic son) and preserve the principle. She kinda got the idea. What surprised me that she told me she would contact me first if she ever won. I was taken back and explained I would accompany her to an accountant and of course find her a solicitor. So I'm glad I was on the ball along with Lynn 😁


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