MILLIONAIRE Cash Ideas for Millennials | GREY MARKET S2:E6


New Episode!: “SAVAGE Watch NEGOTIATIONS on the Miami Vintage Present” …



  1. I watched like over 20episodes just to find this one it was totally worth it totally

    I love you guys ps : please show the watches on the screen more they always look hella sick

  2. I did some customer support in the two jobs I've had my entire life thus far with no gap between them but I don't jump around I dig in a work my ass off for the ones that give me opportunity but I had to knock on customer doors and no matter the attitude they threw at me I had to keep calm and find the best solution possible which can be hard at first haha until you learn how to handle customers and see things from both sides it helps them relax when you can relate to them to a degree and get them to stop cussing you out for things you can't control haha especially when it involves their gas and not having heat or hot water haha

  3. Damn, that kid has ZERO idea how big of an opportunity he had and he pissed it away. I would kill for that job… well not kill LOL but id leave my 6 figure aerospace job in a heartbeat.

  4. I know its easy to shit on Dennis. But Ive been there. Not knowing what it is you want to do with your life. Knowing that you've given 110% your whole life but then having that moment when you question why you do what you do. Giving 110% is hard when the passion just dies. Gl to him

  5. Tips for millenials:

    Don t buy expensive watches!!!!
    1. you can t afford it
    2. you will only loose on it
    3. does not make any sense to pay big money for a round shaped piece of metal..

  6. Dennis got opportunity of a lifetime threw it away I would freaking love to be in sales for lb would be awesome and selling soemthing awesome luxury watches million dollar watches not insurance lol.

  7. Can't believe he let down such a good opportunity. I bust my ass doing construction every day. Some weekends even. I'd take an office making commission any day period. That's crazy

  8. Typical youth!!! He needs time to assess???? What an a$$!! I would sleep on the floor and work 20 hrs a day if given that opportunity. Hell I did that when I was first selling cars in Texas. Ridiculous.


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