Cash Saving Suggestions || How To Save Cash (Finest Technique)


On this video, I’ll share the tactic that I used to avoid wasting practically $12000 previously 6 months. To economize successfully, …



  1. here's something very minor to put the whole food piece in perspective: I have (had) been ordering "inexpensive" Chinese take-out every Wednesday for the past couple of years, kinda like a Hump Day tradition/reward — I finally thought about it, & while a $15 (food + tip) weekly doesn't seem like a big deal at all, that's $780 per year just for take-out…Now think about someone who dines at various restaurants several times a week & is spending way more than $15 per meal — that's huge

  2. "From my perspective, this highlights the importance of having a competitive advantage as investors. Merely mirroring the market strategies of others is insufficient in achieving optimal results. I am currently grappling with the decision to invest in the current market, as it presents both uncertainty and opportunity. Could you share your insights on this matter?

  3. This video was very helpful… I’m 40 years old and I have bad credit… I’m really bad at saving money. I’ve never been able to do it. I liked how you spoke about automatic withdrawals and multiple accounts… I have five different accounts, which is great… I’m just going to get the automatic withdrawal set up.! I hope it helps!
    Nice videos ! Thanks for sharing !

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  5. Since I turned 40, I’ve become proudly frugal, I have too many things I need to accomplish, and with inflation you have to make goals and a plan. No more unnecessary getaways until I buy a house, to start. 🤓

  6. The habit of saving is a great tool that has helped me build substantial passive income through investing and on my way to build wealth. All I can say is that nothing beats expertise in finance.

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  8. I have a serious spending addiction and I am trying relentlessly to break it. It is incredibly hard. Even though I don't want to spend, it feels like I have to in the moment. Its killing me but I believe if I keep trying and working hard I can over come this never say you cannot

  9. My tip is to have your bills come out at the start of the month then you can track what you are spending.

    Use online banking to check your account as often as possible to check where it’s going.

    Try to spend money as cash on small payments than using card.


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