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success #cash #10x I spent my complete life determining this cash sport – based mostly on what phrase popped into your head after …



  1. These two scammers make me sick. How can you listen to all their bulls#@t!? You can tell the are completely lying in their voice, just peddling scams to make quick money off Grants subscribers. God he makes me SICK

  2. pathetic. mr wonderful gets on with anyone for a paycheck. last interview was with the fraud dan bilzerian. over the Long term stocks beats real estate anyway. you can buy dividend stocks.

  3. Also I shouldnt even be commenting on this Herbs channel, especially because enough people see through his bullshit, but I skipped through this 2+ hour BS shpeel to see not only a bummer that J Peterson is on this (not that JP doesnt have his own faults because he does), but also at 47:12 when this clown basically laughed at the AA-woman when she mentioned not being able to afford a weave. This dude is a literal snake oil salesmen in modern times. And he just looks racist as fuck, not even because of the southern twang slackjaw accent he has. Feel bad for anyone that watches this fool thinking theyre getting beneficial things from it.

  4. Grant Cardone sucks, scary he has so many subs for such a fraud of a person trying to sell you the "secret formula" by continuing to get through pay walls. Feel bad for that lady that spent like 30k in courses just to realize nothing of use is learned or taught.


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