MONEY TIPS you NEED to know💰the best way to make investments, save & construct wholesome habits


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  1. Thanks for sharing awesome tips! I'm financially free and currently growing a solid retirement plan. It takes a positive and consistency to learn new things, unlearn the old habits is important to get a mentor/coach to lead you all the way.

  2. I've had a horrible financial story line.
    The big main goal was to pay off my property as fast as possible before anything else.

    I wanted to buy land and build fresh. Become a small farmer. Remain debt free then maybe creating a organized life and small family(1child). Never be loaned up again. From there the remaining of my life would be vacations and other hobbies.

    What really happened:
    I bought the wrong land with horrible neighbors blocking driveway(it was what i could afford at the time). Police wouldn't do nothing because it was a shared easement. I eventually had to take out a 2nd loan which was the total opposite of what my plan was. Then i bought a older house with less land because it was definitely all i could afford. With 2 home loans at the same time i had to struggle until finally someone else bought the other property.

    Its not over… I paid off the existing property with older house within 7 years and was so happy!! Less then 1 year of being debt free i had a on going mold issue and that the floors fell through. As i was attempting to remodel the whole house tore up all the floors and dug up a deeper crawl space that i found that the house had little to no foundation!

    The house is small and so many things are wrong with the house that if i did fix the foundation that it would cost alot and i would still have a old house. So now i after all that work i decided it would be way better to save up and build another new small house. As i have been saving up for about 2 half years inflation has went crAAzy. I had to buy another car since then as well things are taking forever. Life is to short for all of my good youth years to be thrown away and i am just done but never done…

    It's been horrible financial life experience but i still live life for what it is and still have hope to get out of this before i get any older. It feels like i have waisted nearly 10 years of my life only to start over except this this time higher inflation!!

    If i rented right beside my work i probably would have been robbed so many times. Its also just too crowded for me but yet i still debate on renting

    I had a strong interest in the stock market but i had to stop and focus on my house again. Its looking like that i have to get another loan because i work so much that attempting to build my house would take forever.

    Great video!

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  4. Great video, Caitlin. I am very scared of investing bc I did it in the past and lost some money. So if you make more videos about investing it would be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏻😚

  5. I found the book, podcast (and Facebook group with the same name) “She’s on the money”. It’s for millenials who want financial freedom. It has been so helpful in getting me to understand my money story (how money was discussed and dealt with while I was growing up) and money values which drive every financial decision in my life. I recommend these resources … disclaimer is that it is an Australian podcast but I think there is so much value in it for everyone around the world

  6. Could you make a video explaining exactly how to get started investing please, I see everyone talking about it everywhere lately but no one really explains how to actually do it or how it actually works

  7. When you say allocate money into different accounts, do you actually make different accounts through your bank to have ur money separate or do you mean figuratively, and you put ur money info on a spreadsheet and have the basic savings, checking, investing, and credit accounts? also what does investing do, I know I can use Google but I would like to know what you look into in regards to impact of ur investment. Thank you!😊

  8. The biggest money lesson I’ve had is that we all have different ideas of what is a worthwhile expense. For me, someone may see how much money I spend on my hobbies as absurd, but I don’t spend a ton of money on coffee. But if coffee gives someone else joy, that’s fine! Neither are wrong!

  9. Here I was wishing it was Friday so that I could watch this week's video, and you surprised us with it a day early! I love how you make sure to talk about money in an open and healthy way, it's a topic that people often fear for many reasons but it's so important!! One of my earliest money lessons (courtesy of my mom 💕) was to treat your credit card like a debit card. Obviously, that's not always an option for people, but I've been very grateful that so far I've always been able to practice this which helps keep my spending in check as well as increases my credit score and keeps me out of debt (aside from student loans 🙃)

  10. Great video! I agree that finances is a subject that we should talk about more often so that it's not so taboo… even if it's tricky because a lot of people associate (consciously or not) income with personal worth… I guess that's where sharing info to learn from each other without all the details might be the move. 😜 The thing that I learned about and put into practice (after years of messy finances… even with a well paying job!) that had the biggest impact was the concept of 'sinking funds'… Like you said figuring out what upcoming expenses you have (trip, property taxes, etc) and figuring out how much you need to put aside each pay cycle to reach that goal. Once I starting planning and organizing my finances that way, I became proactive or 'ahead of the game'… Considering that I used to live paycheque to paycheque and always had to scramble to pay off my credit card (which didn't always happen…) or make sure that I had enough money in my accounts to pay bills that were due before I would be receiving my next paycheque. Glad to be out of that mess because it was causing so much more stress than I realized!!

  11. The minute me n my hubbie had a child we saw money differently.. we needed to put into saving which we never did b4 children.. n now by doing this it’s just habit to have a nest egg.. we started dabbling in the stock market recently let’s see how that goes 🤷🏻‍♀️ TFS


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