Pray For Me, Walmart Grocery Haul, Saving Cash Suggestions | Vlog


I really feel like I have been so pressured these previous few weeks. Try my on-line retailer Use code VLOG for 30% …



  1. This is encouraging to me i have been trying to find one to start in and it’s been an overwhelming search and here there’s been many different daycare stories , so hoping i can find a good one

  2. I like the results after the cleaning. I feel better in my space when things are clean & in order. I hope you find a suitable day care. Just teach Amari to tell you & his dad about inapropiate things that may go on. I saw a horribe incident yesterday on the news. A very small child had been bitten by an older child 8 times, and no worker at the daycare even knew it. It was frightening. Not to scare you, but we have to be careful with our children.🥰♥♥♥

  3. That is absolute craziness 😮They could of left those babies in there until September smh…Now you and the rest of the parents have to scramble to find somewhere for your babies to go😞I hope you guy's find somewhere nice for Amari to go❤And I agree Shanique you do look really good. I didn't want to say anything when I noticed your weight loss about two vlogs ago. Because bringing up someone's weight rather It's someone losing weight or gaining can be insensitive for some people. But you look good honey keep it up😘So proud of you

  4. I'd grill the daycare some more or get some outside information. Who removes children from daycare at this point in the year? That is ridiculous!


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