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Rai$e Your Earnings | Cash Suggestions | ASMR


Tricks to improve your money circulate! 20:35 My eBook: …



  1. I just bought a Canon r700 bundle off Amazon, and I have to say, I am so impressed by this little camcorder. This thing is a beast. This is a tester channel, and it's just gonna be used for practice. However, I do have a question? What do you do regarding white noise for your asmr videos? I have kids, and live in an apartment complex, so the amount of noise, even small is quite a challenge to deal with. Do you just edit out whatever you catch after your video is done, and you are editing?

  2. this gave me some thought and so I made a YouTube channel for what I'm interested In. So I'm starting at January 21 and it will be about making pixel art and art it self because I know some friend that can't draw.Then I'll be making video's.

  3. β€œIt's not some weird dance, it's just my chair.β€œ
    β€œWhich some of you may find surprising, some obviously not.β€œ

    Why am I laughing I am trying to sleep.

  4. Ben please help me on this question, I seen an ad on Gumtree that someone is selling Fifa 17 for Β£35, and we are meeting up to do the trade on Friday, should I spend that much on Fifa 17? It is selling for about Β£40-48 in stores like Game and Argos, please answer, thanks

  5. Great video! I'm studying international business, and I found this video quite interesting, but your voice is too relaxing that I almost fell asleep πŸ˜›


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