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  1. thanks grammarly for sponsoring this video! visit to get started + get 20% off a premium subscription. timestamps below ↓↓↓
    0:00 intro

    0:43 the bare bones basics

    1:50 income + jobs

    3:16 grammarly demo (ad)

    4:26 income + jobs, continued

    5:09 checking accounts + how to avoid losing money to them

    7:58 budgeting + a simple template

    9:15 must-have spending (student loans, bills, groceries, etc)

    10:58 nice-to-have spending (going out + shopping)

    12:34 credit cards + building your credit score

    14:21 savings in high-yield accounts

    16:23 investing in stocks + bonds

    19:09 retirement + why to start saving ASAP

    20:31 final recap

  2. Hii I’m a 13 yr old and I want to start saving money and stuff so I need so advice if anybody could help so my parent give me 100$ every month as an allowance and I have a account under my parents name where I keep the money so my question is should the 20 for saving should I leave it in the bank or get a piggy bank ? I’m really curious and if anybody have any tips pls tell me I would be so happy to revive anything ! 😅

  3. I read some of Brian tracy's books which has affected my finances positively, I had $ 10,000 which I used to start Stocks day trading, I started when I lost my job some months back, but this makes me over $2 k every fortnight, with day trade, so if you are looking for something solid and this counts it will help someone too

  4. How can I make YouTube content if I don’t have: 1. Any interests in learning or teaching anything 2. Any hobbies 3. Money for things with my aesthetic or any places in my country with my aesthetic?

  5. Also with optimizing costs: if you have medical bills/expenses that your insurance won’t cover, CALL the billing office at the facility the bill is from (for me it was the radiology center from the ER where I was in school) and explain that your insurance won’t cover the bill. They’ll usually either chop the cost down hella or write off the bill entirely, cuz they mainly charge so much under the assumption that insurance will pay, so, if it won’t, they’ll cut down the cost so they still get something, or write it off entirely so they can just get the paperwork out of their system.

  6. I give myself exactly $100 dollars of fun spending money each month. At the first of the month, I move that hundred dollars into my cashapp. Any money left in my cashapp at the end of the month will just roll over, in this way, I can save up for more expensive things I want in the near future that aren't at all necessary.

  7. Nobody can become financially successful overnight. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking the bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

  8. Hey! Just to let you know that my own teacher has been using your videos to teach us certain topics. Of course she changed some things but hey to me I think that's a huge achivement! So you (I also recgonized you in class when she put it up).

  9. thank you so much for breaking down how credit cards work, i’ve asked like 3 different people and none of them could explain it in full, the best i’ve gotten until this video is “oh, it’s like spending future money. it also builds your credit if you’re responsible” 😭

  10. What if your parents already have an account for you that they deposit money into monthly? How do u get like control over it once you move to university??

  11. Love the breakdown Jasmine. I've gradually built my finance and made my first $100k through investing as a single mother juggling work and nursing school, and with what I’ve learned investing, given enough time, solid investments have the potential to double the initial principal amount, but many investors are instead attracted to the lure of high yields in short periods of time despite the possibility of unattractive losses before even getting out. So the onus is on newbies to beware.

  12. I'm a 15 year old I live in south Africa and I work in our family bakery I get payed R800 every two weeks which is $50 to say but that is worth a lot here and I'm trying to learn how to work better with my money instead of spending it all at once

  13. Thank you Jasmine for creating such a informative video. The knowledge and tips that you shared in this video are not known to lot of adults till later in life .I came across this video while trying to teach my 11 y/o daughter basic knowledge on finance .would love to see more videos this like that are so content rich.

  14. Tax advantaged simply means presumably when you withdraw money in retirement, you will be in a lower income bracket and will therefore pay less in taxes. Basically, income taxes on the IRA money are deferred until you withdraw the money.


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