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This dwell video covers our insurance policies of issues we don’t do This channel teaches you Find out how to be your individual boss and have monetary …



  1. Hello guys, just wanted you two to know I was inspired by you guys to get my very own dump trailer. I already had a truck which was half the battle. I'm in Fayetteville, GA just 20 minutes south of Atlanta

  2. 10:45 Only time I require any form of payment should be taking up front is,, when clients are out of town & requesting service & then I require 50% upfront of agreed amount & rest upon completion after I send them before & after photos to make sure if there scandalous & Don't pay at end, that I can cover dump fee, gas & worker's pay at worse case scenario…

  3. San Joaquin County U CAN PUT A TRILLION PERSON HERE AND YOU WILL STILL GET LOW LOW BALLERS TOP RAMEN Mathew JOJO you need to go where there rich IS at IT matters MATHEW if you live in a place where everyone is POOR EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK GOOGLE MY BUSINESS YOU will get supper low low ballers top ramen no STEAK jedi junk removal charges 400 dollars MORE on rich area. Someone on your YouTube Channel said they made 800 dollars yep what area BAY AREA IF YOU MAKE 800 DOLLARS IN San Joaquin County that will great you could not do that every day 209 area code believe me I see many junk removal businesses fall apart here LIKE TOP RAMEN NOODLES YEP so do not quite your job Until you are stablished and have 2 or 3 other side jobs it is a good thing I did not buy a 70 thousand dollar dump truck yes Mathew JOJO IT IS A JUNK PLACE PENNLESS PLACES Believe me if you where living here and living in a apartment 209 area code will give you ATITUDE Mathew will be hitting bricks with a bowl of TOP RAMEN NOODLES YEP So do not movie to 209 area code IT WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY BELIVIE IT YEPPP

  4. Mathew JoJo u live where people have money the 209 area code San Joaquin County EVERYONE IS A LOW BALLERS 50 cents man got to go there the rich BUSINESSES so should I movie to Sonoma County OR SHOULD I GO TO LOS ANGELES WHERE JEDI JUNK REMOVAL IS ANDREW THOMPSON IS. where the more population of rich not poor 209 area code is super poor you would not make nothing here you be back EATING TOP RAMEN NOODLES NO MORE STEAK FOR YOU MATHEW AND JOJO. Everyone is CHEAP AS A TOP RAMEN NOODLES YEPP so I should go to Sonoma County and los Angeles hang out door hangers business card every where AS AN EXPERIMENT so I have 209 area code cell number SO SHOULD CHANGE IT TO 1 800 AND OTHER WHAT DO YOU THING. PLUS I CAN START ANY OTHER BUSINESS I HAVE OTHERES IN MIND 209 AREA CODE BELIEVE ME IT SUCKS OVER HERE LOW LOW BALLERS.JOJO YEP 209 AREA IF YOU PUT SIGNS OVER HERE BELIEVE ME THEY WILL TEAR YOUR SIGNS KICK IT LIKE A FOOT BALL and if you ask anyone here if you can put your sigh on there lawn they will say NO with a DIRTY LOOK EVERYONE HERE HAS AN ATTITUDE LIKE THEY HATE WORKING FOR SOMEONE WHETHER YOU GO TO BUSINESSES GROCERY STORES CITY HALL no one like working for peanuts YOU know MATHEW CHUMP CHANGE TOP RAMEN NOODES YEP BELIEVE IT.

  5. We are starting in a week and the way I've always seen business is like this….. I want to be ready to go before we start because we are going to have a lot of business coming in within no time. There is no reason new or existing junk removal companies shouldn't have jobs every day. I have a plan and I'd bet that no one out there has a plan like I do, so that's a challenge. There will be no person in my area untouched. We took our fake pictures yesterday 🤣
    Although I did a website 10+ years ago, I made my website on Wix. The first 15 times were deleted because I got pissed off…. I might wait a week before I went back and started again but then I finally figured out how it worked and once I figured it out…. I was dedicated and got it done! And, it was SO much easier to get the SEO done nowadays than it was 10+ years ago. Nowadays they actually help you, back in the day I had to figure it all out… with 0 SEO experience.

  6. Quick question … So even though most Jobs cost more then $500 you do not need a contractors license in Ca? Just a city tax license? Also do some customers send you guys a W-9 forum to fill out?

  7. Recently came across your channel. I love it. Great info and very down to earth. Appreciate you. Looking to start a junk business soon in the Midwest. Question please, thinking of a name and I’m wondering… what is the actual difference between the words removal and hauling? Weight difference? Why some junk services mention both when to me they are almost the same. Thoughts ?

  8. I dont do dirt, gravel. I work with a competitor who has a bobcat and a bin. I pass on his info. In return he gives me one item removal inquiries.

    I also don't do same day jobs. I have better then my competitors rates and am busy. If you want to not plan you will py big dollars to get my competition. I already have tomorrow booked up solid. People have the choice wait a few days, get on the schedule and save money, or pay the competition rates for same day service.

    I do moves. Charge by the hour. Only local moves. You get 2 guys, a truck, and basic supplies. It is very clear that we are a nofrills basic mover. Labor, truck, 24 blankets, dolly. No surprise rates.

    I will do scrap metal removal but never free. Im not going to take your dead fridge for free only to get $5 for scrap metal. If someone else wants to do it all the power to them. That said I will waive this rule in some cases. I have pulled into places to load up construction waste. Seeing piles of wire and copper pipes I offered to haul the entire job free and would split the revenues of selling the wire and pipe. Made way more then if I charged by the load to haul away.

    I also have a min rate. If I pull into the driveway it costs.


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