Tipflation is actual. #cash #suggestions #spendingmoney #financialliteracy




  1. I HAD to tip the junk collectors today. Not only do I have to pay them a ridiculous amount of money to collect trash from my garage, but on top of that there was NO option for “No tip”. It started at 15% and went up from there. Like WTF is wrong with this place? Everyone expects to be paid extra!

  2. Exactly, that’s absolutely bs now. I go to businesses that didn’t have a tip button but not there it is. It’s like the owners all jump aboard with the tip idea so they can pay the employees that receive a tip less. Absolutely bs it’s hard enough paying to go out and eat but not people expect to get tipped for doing at times next to nothing. You volunteered to do that job suck it up or find a better paying job that you don’t depend on tips, PERIOD! And stop expecting people to tip when their struggling as well as you are.

  3. I will never tip mainly because i think the idea of letting people work for you FOR FREE and letting them live of off tips is fucked up and secondly because i live in germany lol (we tread our waiters like humans😱)


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