bizarre saving cash suggestions from millionaire


subs added – In case your aim is to avoid wasting extra money, be it to your investing in shares, a household trip, a down fee in your first …



  1. I cut my own hair, but for other reasons… Going to a barber IS anti-depressant!!
    I'm also pretty sure people can't just skip a meal, this may not even make sense to most people. Great overall video! Feel like people will benefit from this. I didn't konw about the back so thank you!

  2. This one will save you a hundred dollars a year. I used to spend money on Gillette razors and shaving cream. I switched to using shaving soap and a safety razor. I have a better shave with less irritation. Shaving brush $10. Shaving soap (williams mug) a few dollars/year. Merkur Safety razor $43. Blades cost 5 cents/shave (each lasts 2 shaves). Caveats. It will take a few more minutes to shave. There is a learning curve. But you will get a better shave and less irritation than with Gillette. You can't take safety blades on a plane. You will have to buy them where you go or mail them to yourself.

  3. Nice content! Few years back i was assistant to a wealthy pen artist and within the short period i worked with him i observed that he had quite a chunk of investment everywhere, stocks, crypto, dividend investing to name a few, so he had revenues coming in from all angles. And in a year his worth doubled. With this i learned that the rich stay rich by investing.

  4. Bought used car. Cut my own hair. Never ate breakfast my whole life. Buy used furniture and refurbish. I maintain my home regularly. I got a new job 5min drive from home (hardly pour petrol). I learn to cook from whatever food you have. I come up with games to play with kids with whatever materials you have at home. I don't buy clothes unless it's torn (wear basics, always in trend). I wear warm clothing instead of turning on heating. I use a fan instead of turning on AC. I charge my batteries using solar. I am happy because I lower my standards instead of increasing my luxuries.

  5. I used to hate cooking but during i have to learn. it turns out there is a lot of science in it and i love science. i used to calculate if something done worth doing myself or just pay for it. But now i think there's learning in very thing. the more u do the more u know, and that is priceless.

  6. says the guy that ordered a Tesla Roadster lol ! Thanks my friend ! My finance hack is make my own bread with the Zojirushi virtuoso bread maker (it's a special machine like no other one, not sponsored !). Oatmeal and a fruit on breakfast saves time and is super healthy. Also, biking to transport yourself (even in the winter in cold climate) is an underappreciated true life hack : fast, cheap, and one of the best exercice you can do (no shocks).

  7. having less meal is def something i do. as you said, it saves money, time, and energy. i don't really snack either, so more money saved. like graham stephan, i almost never buy coffee outside. it's so much cheaper to make it at home & saves so much time. instead of boba, i buy alcohol, but i hardly ever go to bars. beer is cheaper buying at groceries than betting boba. lol. bars are just expensive ($7-8 a beer), and tip is expected too. all the above also means less traveling, so less money on gas/time.

  8. I am a black woman stopped doing my hair when I was 18 I’m 22 now. Those protective styles costs 200$ and up.. and you need to change the,every 2 months. I do my own hair.. I had to learn. Cost me 0$ biggest money saver. I also have a roommate which saves me more $$$ that I use to invest at least 1000 every month in stock market.

  9. I explored Calisthenics as a sport to keep myself fit and healthy than going to the expensive gym. Compared to the past 3-5 years, I have been visiting the expensive gym to work out and their yearly membership can be having great discount but it is still really expensive at times. And YouTube has been great in guiding me on how to progress on my Calisthenics journey too. So why not learn a skill set that you can exercise at any outdoor fitness corner conveniently and which is almost free to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  10. 6-8 hours window for eating will make you lose so much weight depending on what you eat. But for 8-6 hours or less whatever you eat, you will not gain weight. All diets suck because once you break the diet you have lost it, in intermittent diet you will not. It will keep you looking great feeling healthy and energetic and you can eat anything you want, and most of all and best of all you can sometimes break your diet too and eat the whole day but then you should go back to the few hours window. It’s so abnormal to want to eat all the time. To feel hungry especially knowing you will eat in a few hours is very exciting and rewarding too. Also remember 8 hours of it you will sleep anyway. For me it was one the best information I have ever learned about. It was right there and I never knew it.


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