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why is it *SO HARD* to economize?!? | SAVING MONEY TIPS | Frugal Suggestions


Saving cash tips- This is why it is so arduous to economize??? And what you are able to do about it… I’d additionally prefer to thank Cowl for …



  1. This is really good. I somehow subconsciously started saving money. Everytime I received some unexpected $$ I would deposit it. Before I realized what was happening, I'd saved close to $4K. It got to a point where I enjoyed watching my bank balance grow and then I started challenging myself by setting a $15K savings goal for the year. The first year (2017) I saved $14.5K. I was so pumped up that I kept it going. I even 'banked' my annual bonuses siince then and now I have a pretty nice savings – Emergency Savings balance (1 year). I'll be debt free next month and I've already started investing…

  2. The same day my income hits my checking account, I'm transferring 95% into savings. I only keep enough in checking to keep it from closing and my auto withdrawals (mandatory in Nova Scotia) for my car insurance and small bank fee. When I pay my credit card once a month, I transfer that amount back into checking. Also, my rent is below the so called 30% of your income line. Way below. I know renting means not having much to show for your money, but I'm retired, (Boomer) and a freelance writer. This way I don't have to worry about fixing stuff, moving the lawn or snow plowing. I love having a savings account and I rarely have to dip into it.

  3. Years back, some of my student friends were frugal with money and from them I learned to manage my money. Before this money wouldn't stay long with me. There were little things like, one of my friends asked if I wanted to buy half of the clothespins she had bought cause she didn't need that many. If you want to have that money flow it's important to know how to safe money…the more you safe the more money you will have.

  4. After several years of hearing many people recommend automating your savings transfers, I finally made the switch last month. Received my August paycheck and had a huge panic when I first opened my account… only to realise everything was already sorted! I think it's going to take me a little while to get used to but I now finally understand why this is such frequently repeated advice. It's one less task you have to worry about! Xx

  5. Much needed video!!! New subbie here! I really had to self reflect and get real with myself because I make too much money to be living check to check. I finally started my budgeting journey and I feel better already!

  6. Why…because the cost of EVERYTHING is UNREASONABLE and inflation inpacts everything except increasing our PAYCHECK! I save regardless as I stay debt free but its just math folks!

  7. I’m a terrible spend thrift. I love clothes and fashion. If I see something I like, I have to have it in every color 😩. I love to eat out with a refrigerator full of food. One of my major regrets in life is not being good with money and savings. Thank you for this channel. You have helped me tremendously.

  8. GREAT tips Vee! Makes common sense when you point out not saving will eventually create credit card debt. So true because in life things happen! Love your profile photo for this video..real Cool!

  9. I have started the practice of saving with ‘intention’ and this has really motivated me to stay committed. Thank you for your videos… I never had someone to learn from with my finances as I grow up and you have taught me so much. I love that though I live Trinidad 🇹🇹 your videos are still very applicable and relatable… ❤️❤️

  10. I agree, automated savings is the best! I have money taken out of my check before I even see it to go to different savings accounts. I chopped frivolous things from my budget..magazine subscriptions, gym membership (that I never had time to go to), cut my phone service to basic, ect….then rolled those savings into a savings account every month. It has been working wonderfully for me.

    And I may have to dip into those savings this month as my 12 yr old fridge is acting a little tired this week and having issues.

  11. It's really true that many people spend whatever money they make, and don't put aside savings because it seems that they don't have anything to spare. But in reality, if they just set aside something at payday, then they can go ahead and "spend what they have". And zero-based budgeting is the way to go, every dollar has a purpose. I think that makes it easier to save because it's not so vague where any extra discretionary money goes.

  12. Just had a major car repair. It felt good to know we could cover it with a smile. Just a few years ago this event would have been a major stressor for my hubby and me. Just a little cushion certainly makes a big difference!

  13. Automating your savings is an excellent way to save money. My money just seems to disappear and I don't have any left over for savings. Automating allows me to save naturally and helps me feel like I'm poorer than I really am. It's a great psychological trick to save money.


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